Headquartered in City of Industry, CA. Maverick Aerospace, LLC. began with the combining of two aerospace precision parts manufacturing companies, Maverick Aerospace, Inc. and Regal Machine and Engineering, Inc. In third-quarter 2017, operating under one roof, in our 45,000-square foot facility both companies will contribute talented personnel and a vision to the new Maverick Aerospace, LLC. Working closely to construct a company dedicated to future growth and specializing in the precision manufacturing of structural components for the military and commercial aerospace industries.
Time and Time again, Maverick Aerospace, LLC has demonstrated its value as an efficient, cost-effective producer of quality products. Our management embracing the permissive attitude necessary to facilitate a distinct advantage over their competitors in performance, quality, and reduced production pricing.

Maverick Aerospace, LLC. provides it's skilled and innovative employees with the resources and capabilities to fabricate complex prototypes, tooling, and full-scale assemblies. We can meet the most critical quality, engineering, and schedule requirements.

Maverick Aerospace, LLC. thanks you for taking the time to review our website, We invite you to visit our facility, to see first-hand the solutions we bring to your manufacturing challenges.

Contact us at (714) 578-1700 or email: info@mavaero.com

Our Mission

To provide quality, affordable products on time that exceed customer expectations and comply with all engineering and contractual requirements. We ensure success through an effective management system based on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Certified Quality Managment System

AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015
Certificate No: FM 541518

World-class manufacturer of components and assemblies for the aerospace and defense industries

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